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Time is always of the essence and I find myself scrambling...always!

Hey, I am Dee and the Creator of Homeboxed.  My lifestyle seems to be getting busier by the minute, hour and day.  Between my day job, being a single mom to a very cool 12 year old, dog mom to an energetic German Shepherd, Denley, volleyball coach, friend, best sister (ask my four brothers) and daughter, I am always looking for days on my calendar where I can just CHILL in my HOME!  Yes, simply in the cozy space of my home is where I reset, refocus and enjoy the simple things of life.  

I have always loved interior design and decorating spaces.  I am a really great shopper but being a great shopper comes with many frustrations.  The list starts with making returns to numerous stores, keeping the receipts, combining products from all different retailers to look great in one space to get the total look and oh yeah... I forgot to mention the time that it takes!

I am sure you all have relatable stories like above which is why I created Homeboxed. Homeboxed really is designed around individuals that have a busy lifestyle, maybe don't know how to put pieces of home decor together but still want their home to feel inviting, and cozy with the changes of the seasons, holidays and trends!

Enjoy receiving Home Decor to your Door with Homeboxed!

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