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The Original HOMEBOX

The Original HOMEBOX

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When I started this business, I wanted to bring ease of home decor shopping to my customers that truly don't enjoy nor have time to shop all things home.  With this thought in mind I developed the Original HOMEBOX.

Get your seasonal HOMEBOXes delivered to your door quarterly (4 times a year). In each box, you will be greeted by a variety of seasonal, holiday and trendy decor in color palettes that will fit in any home.

Delivery dates are timed perfectly to boost your spirits each quarter!

The average value of each HOMEBOX is $100  We look forward to styling your home four times a year!

With the purchase of this HOMEBOX today, you will get an emailed certificate to put under the tree if this is a gift.  The certificate will give all the details to the best gift that you receive not once a year, but 4 times a year!

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